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4 Different Styles


During the period you’re pregnant, at one point you might be overly conscious about your appearance. For instance if you’re pregnant and you want to have some fun in the water, you could always hit the beach or go for a swim in the pool. However, you might be thinking, will I look too big in this swimsuit? Will it show too much of the contours of my body? Am I going to look funny in the swimwear? What is the best option for me? What type of bather should I buy from the store? These are common question that run in the minds of those who are expecting. On the other hand, there are many other reasons for mothers to choose trendy and fashionable wear.

However, what should matter the most is that, you buy the correct type of bather, before going for a swim anywhere. For instance these include the fabric, comfort, support and many more. Depending on the situation or place you plan to go, you might be looking for a specific style or design. Therefore, here are some styles and designs you should search through the Internet for a better view:

i.    Front wrap

This is a very popular choice among expectant mothers, who do not like showing the bellies, even though it’s visible. The darker toned colours allow you to hide the bump. It covers the whole of the front of your body.

ii.    Bikini top and fold over bottom

On the other hand, there are bikini tops and bottoms that come in fold over styles. As a fact, with the growing belly, you could adjust it. Once again, these rip curl swimwear Australia give you enough space to breath than fully covered styles.

iii.    Playsuit

Alternatively, this type of wear is like a top but not too loose and not too fit like the swimwear. It’s a little baggy, as a fact, you’re belly cannot be seen. On the other hand, these are available in different styles such as off shoulder, straps, one strap shoulder, etc.

iv.    Shorts and tank top

Aren’t you comfortable wearing skin hugging pregnancy bathers? No need to worry, as there are maternal swim shorts and tank tops available. They are available in different colours and patters and very comfortable to wear.

As seen above, there are different styles and designs of these maternal wear that are sold in stores. With the style that suit you the best, you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea. Worry less about having to pull your top down or covering yourself. These styles are amazing choices for you to shop and wear.


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