Hire The Car Of Your Dreams On Your Wedding

Wedding is undoubtedly the most auspicious day in one’s life. And therefore people plan their big day around their personal likes and dislikes. Desire for perfection is normal, be it the décor, cuisines, your dress, music and the list goes on. One way to do so is by hiring the luxury car of your dreams along with a chauffeur from VHA. So if you want your wedding to be memorable for you as well as all those who attend it, book a car by only by them as along with being reliable, they also add onto your style quotient. And above all, they make it possible within a budget that would surely suit your spending plan. Not just one, but you can book multiple cars for all the family and friends of the groom when they make an entry together. Some of the cars in their collection are a black in color or silver Hyundai, and another significant model is the champagne color Holden Caprice as well as the one silver in color. Go here for more information about vha cars.  

To make your event more special, they go an extra mile and adorn the car with ribbons to customize the feel and look. Mostly people book these cars for picking them up from their home or hotel to the wedding venue or after the ceremony drives them back home, you can either choose any one of these options or even both, depending on your ease. They hire chauffeurs for services that are full time in nature to ensure that customers are at ease. So if you are wondering that these might be very expensive, then you are completely wrong as they only charge one hundred and thirty-two dollars per hour, two hundred and eight dollars for every two hours, two hundred and seventy-four dollars for three hours use and three hundred and thirty dollars if you book the car for four hours. And the best part is that these rates include the general sales tax, as well as the cost of decorating your wedding cars Melbourne. The clients also have the options to choose the model and color of the car they want as the motto is to provide residents of Melbourne with cars just like the ones they have envisioned.

Apart from weddings, numerous other events such as concerts and theatre shows, where performers and actors and guests of honors can be escorted to and from one location to another. You may also hire these services for dinners organized by companies, for parties that are private in nature, for college and university tours and many more social events. Booking a car along with a chauffeur can surely make travelling much easier for you, as the journey becomes free of hassle. Even if you want a car at the last moment, do contact them for booking.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 Transportation Services